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All applications for the subsidy under NMTSS should be made through the eligible institutions. Please approach the institution(s) concerned direct for the detailed arrangements on tuition fees payment and subsidy application etc.

Students who apply for the subsidy under the NMTSS for the first time or students receiving the subsidy and going to change the programme of study for the first time

These students are required to submit applications. Applications should be made through the eligible institutions to which students are admitted. The Education Bureau has made arrangements with the relevant institutions for students who wish to receive the subsidy to declare whether they are eligible for the NMTSS. 

Students (or their parents/guardians) should confirm their eligibility by completing the application form, preferably before paying the first instalment of tuition fees. 

Students receiving the subsidy and will continue with the programme that they are pursuing 

These students are not required to re-submit the application every academic year but must inform the institutions concerned as soon as possible in case of subsequent changes to the information provided on the application form.