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Qualifications Framework Fund

Recognising the importance of Qualifications Framework (QF) in maintaining a quality workforce, the Chief Executive announced in the 2014 Policy Address to establish a dedicated fund of $1 billion, namely the QF Fund, to provide a steady source of income to support the sustainable development and implementation of QF. Established on 1 September 2014, the QF Fund is an endowment fund to support different schemes/initiatives for the sustainable development and implementation of QF, including but not limited to the following two areas:

Designated Support Schemes for QF (with the previous "Qualifications Framework Support Schemes" incorporated and some operating parameters relaxed); and 

- Funding for ITACs, QF-related studies or projects and public education. 

The Education Bureau has set up a Steering Committee on QF Fund to advise the Secretary for Education on the policy, strategy and administration of the QF Fund.

Steering Committee on QF Fund (Steering Committee)

Terms of Reference

List of Members

Last Review Date: 06/12/2017