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Self-financing Post-secondary Education Fund

The Chief Executive announced in the 2010-11 Policy Address to establish a $2.5 billion Self-financing Post-secondary Education Fund (the Fund) to support worthwhile initiatives and schemes that aim to enhance the quality of self-financing post-secondary education. The Fund will be used as seed money to generate stable investment returns to support the following schemes-

  1. the Self-financing Post-secondary Scholarship Scheme; and

  2. the Quality Enhancement Support Scheme.  


The Government had injected $1 billion and $20 million respectively into the Fund to establish more scholarships and awards to give recognition to post-secondary students with achievements and talents in other non-academic fields and deserving students with special educational needs.

The following committees are set up to oversee the operation of the fund:


Annual Reports


Audited Financial Statements


Last Review Date: 28/03/2023