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Reimbursement of Government Rents and Rates for Post-secondary Education Programme Providers

Non-profit-making post-secondary institutions providing accredited self-financing programmes can apply for reimbursement of government rents and rates if they meet the following criteria -

  1. the premises concerned are occupied for educational purposes; and

  2. the institutions are registered under section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance (Cap. 112) as non-profit-making, charitable organisations exempted from payment of taxes.

To apply for reimbursement, institutions should contact the responsible government offices as listed below - 

Types of Institutions Responsible Government Offices
  • Institutions registered under the Education Ordinance (Cap. 279)
  • Regional Education Offices, EDB
  • Institutions registered under the Post Secondary Colleges Ordinance (Cap. 320)
  • School Registration and Compliance Section, EDB
  • UGC-funded Institutions
  • UGC Secretariat
  • Others
  • Further Education Division, EDB


Last Review Date: 06/12/2017