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Outstanding Performance Scholarship

The Outstanding Performance Scholarship aims to give recognition to the performance of outstanding students. For bachelor's degree students, the scholarships for local and non-local students are $40,000 and $80,000 each per year respectively. For sub-degree students, the scholarship for local or non-local student is $30,000 each per year. In deciding whether a student should be nominated for the scholarship, participating institutions should take the following qualities into consideration:

  1. High standard of academic performance; 

  2. Demonstration of leadership and good communication skills;

  3. Valuable contribution to the institution/community; and/or

  4. Strong commitment to the Hong Kong community.


Recipients of Scholarship

2021/22 Academic Year

2020/21 Academic Year

2019/20 Academic Year

2018/19 Academic Year

2017/18 Academic Year

2016/17 Academic Year

2015/16 Academic Year

2013/14 Academic Year

2012/13 Academic Year






Last Review Date: 31/10/2022