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Endeavour Scholarship

The Endeavour Scholarships is to give recognition to deserving post-secondary students with Special Educational Needs* (SEN) in the pursuit of excellence in academic and other areas. The scholarship is introduced with effect from the 2013/14 academic year. The award is set at $15,000 for both bachelor's degree and sub-degree students, irrespective of whether they are local or non-local students.

* SEN includes specific learning difficulties, intellectual disabilities, autism spectrum disorders, attention deficit / hyperactivity disorder, physical disability, visual impairment, hearing impairment, speech and language impairment, and others.


Recipients of Scholarship

2022/23 Academic Year

2021/22 Academic Year

2020/21 Academic Year

2019/20 Academic Year

2018/19 Academic Year

2017/18 Academic Year

2016/17 Academic Year

2015/16 Academic Year

2014/15 Academic Year

2013/14 Academic Year

Last Review Date: 03/07/2023