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Careers Guidance

Sub-degree graduates are also equipped with skills for employment at elementary management level or associate professional level. In this connection, the Government has taken the lead to recognize sub-degree qualifications. At present, sub-degree qualifications are accepted as one of the entry requirements for appointment to 15 civil service grades.

Besides, sub-degree graduates are considered as having met the entry requirements of civil service grades requiring sub-degree or lower qualifications. On the whole, sub-degree graduates can apply for about 80 civil service grades. Please visit the section of "Job Opportunities" in the Civil Service Bureau's Homepage for further information.

The Government has also accepted that holders of local accredited Higher Diplomas and Associate Degrees will be regarded as having attained Level 3 in English Language and Level 2 in Chinese Language in the Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination (HKCEE) for civil service appointments. For details, please refer to the following webpage:

For employment in the private sector, the Government will continue to promote the sub-degree qualification and enhance its recognition in the job market.

Last Review Date: 23/05/2017