Key Statistics on Post-secondary Education

Number of Full-time Locally-accredited Self-financing Post-secondary Programmes by Academic Programme Category and Relevant Student Enrolment for the 2015/16 Academic Year

Participation Rate of Post-secondary Education
Participation Rate of the Post-secondary Education
1.  The 2011/12 academic year was a gap year during which there were no Secondary Five graduates.  Sub-degree participation rate is undefined for the year.
2.  The 2012/13 academic year was a double cohort year.  Publicly-funded First-Year-First-Degree places offered in the year were doubled to cater for two cohortsof senior secondary students graduating in the same year.  Undergraduate and sub-degree participation rates are undefined for the year.

Number of Bachelor's Degree Intake Places
Number of Bachelor's Degree Intakes
Note: The publicly-funded first-year first-degree places are doubled in the 2012/13 academic year for two cohorts of secondary school graduates.

Number of Sub-degree Intake Places
Number of Sub-degree Intake
Note: The figures for sub-degree intake in the 2011/12 academic year dropped because of the “gap year” effect (No graduates from Secondary Five in that year). 

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Last Review Date: 14/02/2017