The Electronic Advance Application System for Post-secondary Programme (E-APP) was first launched by the Education Bureau in February 2012. It is an online application system developed for the secondary school candidates sitting for the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education to lodge advance application for full-time locally-accredited undergraduate and sub-degree programmes not covered under the Joint University Programmes Admissions System (JUPAS) before the announcement of the HKDSE Examinations results. It provides an alternative application channel to supplement those offered by individual institutions.

As at the closing date of the E-APP application on 30 June 2016, about 61,600 applications from more than 23,400 HKDSE applicants were processed. Moreover, there were over 675,000 visitors browsing the E-APP website within the seven months from December 2015 to June 2016.

E-APP: Percentage of Submitted Applications by Area of Study


Note: Others include Computing and Information Technology (3.5%), Education, Teacher Training and Sports Science (3.1%), Arts, Humanities, Liberal Studies and General Studies (3.1%), Transports and Logistics (2.5%), Business & Management in Specific Industries (1.2%), Architecture, Construction and Town Planning (1.1%), Security and Disciplinary Forces Studies (0.4%), Business, Global and China (0.4%), Law and Legal Studies (0.3%), and Beauty, Hairdressing and Related Studies, Home Economics, Personal Care (0.2%).

Among the 61,600 applications submitted through E-APP, 13.1% were for undergraduate programmes and 86.9% were for sub-degree programmes. Most of the applicants submitted 3 or less applications via E-APP.

E-APP: Percentage of Submitted Applications by Level of Study

Statistics in 2012-2016

Since its launch in 2012, E-APP has become a widely accepted platform for HKDSE candidates to apply for full-time locally-accredited sub-degree and undergraduate programmes and for planning of further studies.  







Number of public examination day school candidates

103 500

69 800

65 300

61 200

 56 000

Number of applicants who have submitted applications under E-APP

27 811

27 482

25 426

25 930

 23 429

Number of applications sent  under E-APP

72 759

78 902

69 819

 68 499

 61 595

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Last Review Date: 22/05/2017