Code of Good Practices on Governance and Quality Assurance

The self-financing sector is an integral part of the post-secondary education in Hong Kong.  It plays an important role in broadening the opportunities and choices for further education, thereby providing quality, diversified and flexible pathways with multiple entry and multiple exit points for school leavers.  The community naturally expects that post-secondary education institutions, both publicly-funded and self-financing, are able to provide quality nurture to our younger generation.  Moreover, although the self-financing post-secondary institutions do not receive recurrent subvention from the Government, the Government has implemented a basket of measures to support the healthy and sustainable development of the self-financing post-secondary sector.  There is expectation in the community for transparency in operation and accountability to the public of these institutions.

While self-financing post-secondary institutions are diverse in size, character and mission, good governance and quality assurance are of pivotal importance to the healthy and sustainable development of the self-financing sector.  It is with these objectives that the ensuing Code of Good Practices is promulgated for the adoption on a voluntary basis by self-financing institutions.

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Last Review Date: 21/02/2017