Scope of 2016/17 Round of Applications

Theme-based Projects

  1. Joint institutions’ platform/initiatives for improving teaching methodology and learning environment (e.g. common e-learning platform/contents for students in general, or for those with special educational needs or non-Chinese speaking students in particular);
  2. Joint institutions’ platform/initiatives for facilitating closer alignment between the self-financing post-secondary education and industry sectors, as well as enhancing vocational and professional education and training and employment support; and
  3. Joint institutions’ platform/initiatives for developing common systems which facilitate accessibility, synergy and enhancement of the sector (e.g. e-portfolio system for students, common curriculum, and recognition/transfer of credits).

Open-ended Projects

  1. Improving the overall learning experience and language proficiency of students;
  2. Developing and improving teaching methodology and practices, including development of assessment strategies;
  3. Strengthening and improving quality assurance and related measures; and
  4. Enhancing student support and career guidance services, including support for non-Chinese speaking students and students with special educational needs.

Industrial Attachment Projects

Projects to increase students’ employability by:
  1. Sourcing more internship opportunities for post-secondary students; and/or
  2. Enhancing relevant institutional support for students.

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