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Jamie LO Jamie LO
Graduate of Associate in Business, Hong Kong Community College
Graduate of Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Degree in Hotel and Catering Management, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Master of Science in Hotel and Tourism, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Lecturer of Hong Kong Community College

After completion of Form Seven in secondary school, I enrolled in the HKCC’s Associate Degree in Business which offered the Hotel Management subjects. The College was not only concerned with teaching of knowledge, but also students’ personal growth and independent thinking. The College encouraged us to actively participate in co-curricular activities, such as field trips, leadership trainings, mentorship programmes, and hotel placement. The all-round attributes and generic competencies that I learnt from the Associate Degree Programme are very useful for my career and further study.

December 2013

In Employment
Chow Sin Ting CHOW Sin Ting
Graduate of Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Journalism and Communication, Chu Hai College of Higher Education

Reporter of "Apple Daily"

When I was a freshman in the department of Journalism, I just wanted to play and interview famous stars. However, the department head taught us “What is the mission of reporter”. After that, I know it’s not easy to be a professional reporter.

I thank my school, Chu Hai College of Higher Education, not only for basic knowledge, but also a chance to join exchange program to Korea. During the exchange, I learnt about how the professionalism of Korean media. Even now I am still practicing what I have learnt.

I have been a reporter for two years. I have interviewed different kinds of people and always learn from them. I have interviewed poor people who showed their positive attitude when facing difficulties in lives. I have also interviewed people who joined a march and saw how much they cared about Hong Kong – a place that they really love! I love my job and always remember the mission of a reporter.

December 2013

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